What is the 280th Court

Texas Only Family Violence Court

The 280th Family Violence Court hears divorce, custody and protective order cases involving family violence.  The legislature enacted the 280th in 2009, from a cvil district court, to a dedicated family violence court.  

280th needs a special Judge

Family violence impacts every aspect of a divorce or custody suit, from who gets custody to a fair and just division of property.  The 280th court needs a judge who has extensive background in family law and family violence.  This Court needs a judge who has tried all kinds of divorce and custody matters, not only to a judge but jury trials too.  

Goals for the Court

Use existing technology to make the court a safer and more efficient court

Have knowledgeable bilingual staff to assist litigants and attorneys 

Provide basic information to litigants about the court process and to make the court a model court for all litigants.

Work with law enforcement and other stakeholders to implement a firearm surrender program in family violence cases (where appropriate).