Safety Planning for Family Violence

Gather important documents such as  birth certificates, social security cards, mortgage papers, health insurance and retirement statements.

Set aside money for Uber or gas money --put in a safe place that can be obtained in a hurry

pack a small bag with clothing, medication and papers

pack a small bag for children with clothing, medication, necessaries like formula, diapers, wipes and a favorite toy or blanket

Notify a friend or family member of where you are at all times and what route you are taking to your destination

Develop a code word or phrase in case of emergency to alert a trusted person that help is needed

Keep mace or hornet spray in your car in case you need to use it to get away 

make sure pets are safe if you cannot take them with you, leave at a neighbor or friends. 

Change your passwords on ALL email and social media

Do not use photos that show your location or use the "check -in" tab

Do not use Instagram as the location may be imbedded in the post

Turn off location services on your cell phone on ALL apps

Have your phone checked out for hidden apps that track you

Choose a password phrase that is unique and unable to figure out

Download an alarm app to your phone or other apps that can be used in case of emergency that can send your location to law enforcement